Preparing the Planting Area & Charting Your Poppy Seed’s Growth Challenge

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Preparing the Planting Area & Charting Your Poppy Seed's Growth Challenge. Learners are challenged to mark out the planting area in their school garden and choose where to plant their poppy seeds. Once the seeds begin to sprout learners are encouraged to record their seed's growth in their Poppy Seed Diaries which are provided within the challenge document. Information on how to order free poppy seed packs from the Poppyscotland Learning website is also available within this challenge. Teacher's notes and students' notes for this challenge are combined into one easy to download document and available as either a Word or PDF file.
  • Credits: The Boy Fitz Hammond/Learning and Teaching Scotland
Curriculum Area:
Language and Literacy
Suitable For Levels:
Second Level
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Poppy Remembrance
Poppy Seeds