‘Paper Poppy Story’ for secondary schools

4 mins 30 secs
  • Credits: Poppyscotland Learning
The Poppyscotland Learning team are extremely pleased to present our new short film ‘Paper Poppy Story' (2019) created by award-winning Animation Film Maker and Paper Artist Eleanor Stewart. This engaging film aimed at Second and Third Level learners and above tells the story of how the Poppy became the symbol of remembrance around the world. It also describes how Poppyscotland make and sell more than 5 million poppies a year for the Scottish Poppy Appeal thanks to our thousands of volunteers across the country. 'All this from a tiny (paper) poppy'.  
Curriculum Area:
Social Studies
Suitable For Levels:
Early Years
First Level
Second Level
Third Level
Fourth Level
Senior Level
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Armistice Day
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Lady Haig
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