New Remembrance Resources Out Now

30th September 2021

Have you downloaded our new Classroom & Assembly Activity PowerPoints for learners aged 3-18 yet?

Click here to view our free Remembrance Resources for 2021.

We have proudly partnered with the National Literary Trust and Twinkl Scotland to offer teachers, group leaders and educators a range of five new Remembrance Classroom and Assembly Activity PowerPoints designed for all CfE levels.

Highlights include recently discovered and inspiring true stories about courageous people who found themselves in extraordinary situations during and after wartime. You will also discover true stories of Scots who have marked Remembrance in extraordinary ways.

National Literary Trust Partnership Resources

Our Activity PowerPoints created in partnership with the National Literary Trust, challenge pupils to independently interpret and reflect on our history through thought-provoking contemporary conversations. The presentations introduce inspirational true stories about Scots, and engage students through discussion, analysis and follow-up activities.

Presentation overviews

Second level: History of the Poppy – Explores questions that will help broaden students’ understanding such as ‘Why do we wear a poppy?’ ‘What does a veteran look like?’ and ‘How does war affect those who experience it?’ Analysis of John McCrae’s poem In Flanders Fields, and consideration of Douglas Constable’s letters from the frontline of the First World War lead through to follow-up writing activities. Learners also get the chance to learn about the fascinating Tribute Ink Tattoo Exhibition and design their own tattoo to mark Remembrance this year.


Third and Fourth level: Ordinary or Extraordinary – Examines Scottish stories of service, sacrifice and Remembrance, such as that of veteran and Glasgow school janitor, Fred Luke VC (Victoria Cross), found to have been one of the bravest men of the First World War. The presentation challenges expectations about what may seem ordinary, but on closer study may uncover extraordinary acts of courage, amazing responses to extraordinary situations during and after wartime, or demonstrations of enormous dedication in honouring the sacrifice of others.

We also introduce Asra Ahmad who in 2020 created her own impressive Remembrance Poppy Cascade to help members of her local community in the southside of Glasgow to remember and reflect on the sacrifices of others.

Senior Phase – Addresses questions about the impact of war on individuals who have been directly involved in conflict, inviting students to reflect on and contrast the ‘shell-shock’ experience of First World War soldiers, as expressed through a profound body of poetry, with the challenges faced by modern-day veterans, and our contemporary understanding of post-traumatic stress Disorder (PTSD). Students will consider what we can learn about the importance of Remembrance, and how they would like to mark their own Remembrance.


Twinkl Scotland Resources

Our Classroom & Assembly PowerPoints for First and Second Level created in partnership with Twinkl Scotland beautifully tell the story of how the Poppy became the national symbol of Remembrance using the stunning illustrations of Alfredo Belli. We also offer younger learners some case study stories to help them understand more about who Poppyscotland helps all year round. Our resources also include some surprising poppy facts too. For example, did you know that as little as £10 can change the life of a veteran who is struggling after their time in the services?

Our The Poppy Story Flipbook video uses voiced narration and dramatic soundscape to immerse learners in the story of the poppy, helping them to discover why Lt Col John McCrae wrote his famous poem ‘In Flanders Fields’.  Accompanying activities encourage learners to imagine how the First World War affected people across the world and learn about who makes all the poppies for the annual Scottish Poppy Appeal each year.

In addition, we offer learners ideas for how they can mark Remembrance Day in their own way: from organising their own charity car wash, to writing a poem, to organising a Charity Football Match on their school playing field.

Marking remembrance can be a small personal gesture or large public event – we believe there is no one way to mark remembrance.


‘Letters to my Teacher’ Learning Competition 2021

Learners are also encouraged to enter our ‘Letters to my Teacher’ Competition 2021. This year we want P4-S3 pupils to imagine they are a soldier in the trenches or a medic stationed in a Field Hospital during WW1 and write a letter back to their school teacher describing their experiences, hopes and fears. Click here for more details and how to enter.

Fundraising for Excellence

You can also order a free Poppyscotland Learning Pack via our website. As well as learning resources this handy pack includes free fundraising materials such as poppy seed packets, banners, bunting and balloons to help you to maximise your fundraising target all year round!


Did you know that taking part in fundraising activities either virtually or locally can help young people of any age develop skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work? From face-painting, to bake sales, to dressing in red for the day, or taking part in our Light It Up Red campaign – don’t forget to share with us what your school is getting up to this year for Poppy Appeal by tagging us on social media using @Poppyscotland and #BehindThemAlways

The aim of Poppyscotland Learning is to educate everyone about who our charity helps all year round. From virtual classrooms to our travelling micro-museum, we offer educational experiences for all ages and abilities. Our collection of courageous people, unheard stories and unforgettable moments make for a moving legacy.

We believe that through storytelling, conversation and educational experiences we can better understand the past. Transforming lives by sharing our history.