The Winners!

Thank you to all the pupils and schools who sent in over 2,000 entries. Eight were shortlisted and open to a public vote through our website.

We are delighted to announce the overall winner of the competition is Holly Brown, an S3 pupil at Nairn Academy with her moving poem, “Soldier Boy”. Holly has won a camera donated by our sponsor Viking Direct and a poetry workshop for her class. Her poem will also be included in our education materials this year.

Soldier Boy

by Holly, Nairn Academy

Brave and strong,
He stood tall
And proud in uniform,
With no fear at all
For what was to come.
He was so young,
Too young to fight
And risk his life each day and night.
But he could not stay
And simply watch
As war destroyed the life
He had loved so very much.
And so he became
Another player in the cruel game,
That was driven by evil and greed for power,
That caused death after death, every minute, every hour.
But he stayed brave and strong as still he fought
For months and years,
As the he loved
Choked back their tears.
They hoped and they prayed for his survival
That he would not fall but conquer the rival.
Sadly, these wished were not to come true
As one final, fatal bullet flew.


Runner-up was “Listen”, by Sarah Normand, a P7 pupil at Abernethy Primary School. Sarah has won a poetry workshop for her class.


by Sarah, Abernethy Primary

You may think the world is perfect,
But are you not aware
There are horrible wars happening almost everywhere

You may think us children are clueless,
But we really care, that this world is turning into one big nightmare
It’s all over the news, this inhumane violence,
We just wish there would be silence.

As you are reading this do you know
There are people losing their lives?
Then their loved ones will shed a tear,
There is no peace there will be no happiness

If the world was to just stop and listen
But I guess it’s not that easy,
If there are thousands of people losing their lives every day?
Then we know this world needs to change.


Congratulations to Holly and Sarah and very well done to all the entrants for their thoughtful and emotive entries. Thanks also to their teachers for their support.

You can read all the shortlisted poems here


  • Sarah, Abernethy Primary
  • Mika, St Aloysius College
  • Sean, Arngask Primary
  • Conor, St Aloysius College


  • Nicholas, St Ninian’s High School
  • Spike, Kinlochbervie High School
  • Holly, Nairn Academy
  • Jessica, Kinlochbervie High School

In the autumn our new education packs will be delivered to every school in Scotland, so keep a look out after the summer holidays to find out more of what Poppyscotland will have to offer you then!