St Mary’s School in Melrose get creative to achieve their 1918 Poppy Pledge!

20th November 2018

Children and their families at St Mary’s School in Melrose have been busy creating and selling 770 individually handmade felt poppies to fundraise towards their 1918 Poppy Pledge. Their hard work has truly paid off, with the project raising over £2000!

Deborah Wood, Head of Art at St Mary’s School, says:

“We really enjoyed getting behind the 1918 Poppy Pledge and our children are just beginning to understand how vital funds raised can be to a modern generation of service people.

“As a school we handmade felt poppies with everyone lending a willing hand. Our target was 770 poppies so every class came to work in our own little ‘Poppy Factory’. The poppies were then given a little stitch or two by our wider school community with many parents and grandparents enjoying the chance to work on our collaboration.

“We were delighted when we managed to sell all of our little creations which were completely unique after travelling through so many different hands. The children loved seeing their poppies being proudly worn by so many people in the Borders and beyond, whilst remembering that their little flowers were making a difference to the people who have given so much in our names.

“As a gentle nod to Poppyscotland’s ‘Light Up Red’ campaign, we decided to make a recycled plastic poppy garland which was wrapped around a much-loved tree in the playground. This is a feature of our school now as it must have been when our Former Pupils went off to the World Wars.

“Children and adults made little labels to attach to the garland with their own personal message of thanks. In between the poppies and the tributes we placed small red lights which twinkled over Remembrance.”