St Mary’s Melrose School pupils’ merino wool poppies & stunning portraiture

22nd November 2016

Pupils from St Mary’s Melrose School have mesmerised us with their merino wool poppies and amazing art inspired by the Poppy Appeal.

We were delighted to hear via their very lovely teacher Deborah Wood that children from Kindergarten to Form 8 (13 year olds) made their own unique poppies to sell to the public using felt – with a little stitch or two to embellish them – and unspun merino wool. Here are some photos of the Form 8s making the felt:


Pupils also offered a workshop to allow parents to come in on a Saturday morning to learn more about the felting process.

The poppies were then given to St Mary’s Melrose School staff and parents who spent many an hour in front of the television stitching poppies! They said afterwards that they felt so lucky that they had a super community who would rally around a cause like the Poppy Appeal which was so dear to everyone’s heart.

When the poppies were finished they sold them in school with people taking small batches to sell out with St Mary’s. They charged £2.50 for each poppy and certainly found that demand outstripped supply! We can see why 😉


Each poppy was utterly unique and was certainly made with love and care. Deborah Wood, class teacher said:

‘It was fabulous that we were able to make just short of £900 for the Scottish Poppy Fund. Indeed it was very touching to see so many people sporting our poppies at our school’s remembrance service. There were also lots of opportunities to expand upon this project in our learning. Certainly in the Art Department we have used the theme of service to our country to produce some super portraiture. This was a great experience for our children to understand the significance of the poppy 100 years ago and to appreciate that the symbol of the poppy is just as important today.’

Portraiture by a St Marys Melrose School pupil inspired by the Poppy Appeal

Portraiture by a St Marys Melrose School pupil inspired by the Poppy Appeal