2019 Poppyscotland Learning Pack at your school now!

12th September 2019

Our 2019 Poppyscotland Learning Pack has now been delivered to YOUR school!

All of our new Poppyscotland Learning 2019 Packs have been winging their way to primary schools and secondary schools across Scotland – as well as to regional Brownies, Scouts, Cadets, Boys Brigade and Girl Guide HQs. Please ask your teacher or group leader if they have received their pack! Should your school or community group have missed out please feel free to order one of our new 2019 Poppyscotland Learning packs directly via our Poppyscotland Learning website, click here: Order your Poppyscotland 2019 Learning Pack now!

Inside our glossy 2019 Learning Packs are our new 4 (A3 size) posters for your classroom/corridor walls and our always handy Fundraising Leaflet that is your ‘go-to’ list of ideas to help you and your class or group fundraise in so many different ways this year for the legendary Poppy Appeal. You could organise a Tea & Toast event or a ‘Wear Red to School’ day, or hold a Poppy Bake Sale…our poster and leaflet will give you more ideas to help everything go well!

Our learning posters exist to stimulate thought and debate, and our ever-popular, ever-inventive Competition Poster asks P4-S3 pupils to imagine ‘What does the Future of Remembrance look like to you?’ (see poster image above). What a great question we think to ask our next generation of Poppyscotland supporters! We can’t wait to see the responses.

Have you booked ‘Bud‘ for your school yet? Our ‘Bud’ Poster proudly shouts about ‘Bud’: our ‘on the road’, interactive mini poppy factory, micro-museum and interactive classroom. It travels around Scotland 220 days of the year, visiting up to 120 schools. It’s free to book and helps pupils and the public learn The Poppy Story, clock in for shift in the Poppy Factory and create their own personal remembrance journey. They can also hear the stories of the veterans who currently work in the factory and those ex-servicemen and women who we have been directly helped by us. To ‘Book Bud’ simply go to and/or follow ‘Bud’ on its travels via Facebook or Twitter at #PoppyBud

Our colourful ‘Why Fundraise for Poppyscotland?’ Poster gives you ideas for how you can fundraise for Poppyscotland. All of the money you raise for Poppyscotland goes to providing life-changing support to veterans and ex-servicemen and women and their families. You could transform the life of maybe a ex-serviceperson who is now living rough or an existing veteran who has mental health needs. One of our posters always seeks to tell you the story of who we help and our ‘Civvy Street’ Poster seeks to do this by contrasting who we helped in the past to who we help today.

Are you planning to hold a Remembrance Service for the Poppy Appeal in your school?

Remember you can download resources and order free materials from to support your schools fundraising activities. We have ready-to-go Remembrance Service orders of service for schools included in our online resource, follow this link to print them now:

Remembrance and Centenaries of the First World War – (Day Two) First & Second Level

Remembrance and the Effects of War – Fourth & Third Level

Remembrance Assembly Challenge

Poetry and Remembrance Assembly

Poppy Collage Challenge

Our Learning site has lots of free resources that you can use to link your fundraising to Curriculum for Excellence. To download free resources and to order free materials go to